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The Alliance

Protecting consumers by building strong food safety cultures

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Vision and Mission of the Alliance

The Alliance to Stop Foodborne Illness is a nonprofit program of Stop Foodborne Illness. It brings together consumer advocates, leading companies, and like-minded organizations committed to the goal of preventing foodborne disease. The Alliance comprises 20+ members from around the globe working together to share best practices and advance food safety culture.


We are committed to conveying compelling personal stories about the impact of foodborne illness across the food industry to motivate people at all levels to do the right thing every day to make food safe.

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An introduction to the Alliance: who we are and what we do

Building connections between organizations in the food industry and STOP constituents

Creating free resources for organizations working to improve their food safety culture


Do you know a rising star who is shaping the future of food safety and food safety culture? The Alliance is looking for young professionals age 18 and 39 who are making moves in the academic, industry and/or regulatory worlds. Don’t delay! Applications close June 30th. 


The Alliance is home to the Food Safety Culture Toolkit, an award-winning, multimedia resource designed to advance food safety culture at small and medium-sized companies.

toolkit users

Since launching in June 2022, over 900 users have registered for the Toolkit. They represent more than 665 unique companies from across the world.

Alliance member companies

These companies commit time, thought leadership, and financial resources to support our initiatives.

What makes the Alliance possible?

The Alliance is driven by the increasingly recognized need for more cooperative approaches to food safety and the importance of strong, mature food safety cultures. 


The Alliance provides a framework for our food system to shift from disconnected to collaborative action. This principle is grounded in the common goals of many industry food safety leaders and consumer advocates to prevent illness through best practices, continuous improvement, and strong, positive corporate food safety cultures.


The Alliance has five working groups focused on:


1. The development of constituent testimony videos

2. Modernization of recall communications

3. A webinar series co-sponsored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

4. eCommerce

5. The continual improvement of the Toolkit.


Seasonal initiatives include the 40 Under 40 List (a roundup of top young food safety professionals) and mentorship of STOP’s Dave Theno Food Safety Fellow

See our members, partners, and friends featured in the media


The Alliance accepts new members on a rolling basis. Membership dues are paid annually and grant companies access to all working groups and the opportunity to share experiences and insights with partner organizations. 

To learn more about Alliance membership, contact Alliance Director Vanessa Coffman at:


Alliance Planning Committee

Scott & Richelle Shields

Constituents and parents of foodborne illness survivor

Charlene Brown

Constituent and parent of foodborne illness survivor

Roberta Wagner

Vice President of Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, International Dairy Foods Association

Megan Kenjora

Senior Manager, Food Safety Culture, The Hershey Company

Craig Wilson

Board Member and Executive Vice President, IEH Laboratories

Gillian Kelleher

Chief Executive Officer, Kelleher Consultants LLC

Spir Marinakis

Vice President of Food Safety & Quality Assurance, Maple Leaf Foods

Mitzi D. Baum

Chief Executive Officer, Stop Foodborne Illness

Vanessa Coffman, PhD

Director, Alliance to Stop Foodborne Illness