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Speakers Bureau

Food Safety Advocacy and Awareness

When Jeff spoke, his passion for food safety was palpable and his story was very moving.

Our employees appreciated meeting a person whose life was irreparably altered by a food manufacturing plant failure—it allowed them to connect to the bigger picture.

Jeff’s willingness to share the heartbreaking story about the pain his mother went through, along with the many hardships his family has endured since her passing, was so valuable for us.

His story made food safety more relatable—and our employees really grasped how others’ lives are literally in their hands
Cindy Kallstrom
QA Manager for
Kerry Ingredients

Our Speakers Bureau is comprised of individuals that have been impacted by a foodborne pathogen and are ready to share their powerful, life-changing stories with your team.

Their words will touch your team’s lives forever.

Stop Foodborne Illness will coordinate identifying the appropriate speaker for your audience based on your preferences (e.g. a parent, older adult, survivor of childhood foodborne illness, male, or female). Other preference you might consider include: state or region in which your meeting is being held; type of food or specific pathogen associated with their illness; year of illness. Though not all our speakers’ stories are featured on our website, we suggest you start by perusing the stories on our Honor Wall, which may help you hone in on what your team would identify with most strongly. You can search stories by name, state, pathogen/condition, and source. We are determined to find the best speaker for your event. Securing a speaker is, of course, always contingent upon the constituent’s schedule and availability.

With five full-time employees, Stop Foodborne Illness is a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting and engaging people directly impacted by foodborne illness and mobilizing them to help prevent illness and death by driving change through advocacy, collaboration, and innovation. If you would like to host a constituent speaker, we ask that you please consider the following expenses in support of our mission:

  • Travel to and from your location
  • Meals + snacks during the visit
  • Overnight accommodation (if applicable)
  • Travel and accommodation for an accompanying family member (if applicable)
  • A minimum contribution to Stop Foodborne Illness of $1000
I invited Jillian to be a featured speaker at one of our training sessions, and in August, 2017, one hundred twenty-seven of us watched her speak with such heartfelt emotion ...

Jillian went through a horrific foodborne illness—that caused her tremendous physical and emotional pain. Her story, her face, her voice—made everything we get trained on so much more real for us. Lives can be shattered if an employee slacks on the job and doesn’t do their work properly. There’s no doubt that Jillian helped drive that point home.

Our employees gave me more positive feedback about Jillian and that particular training than any other I’ve conducted.
Angela Saeger
QA Manager for
Mariani Packing Companyy
For inquiries contact Stanley Rutledge, Director of Constituent Services + Communication at: or 773-269-6555 ex.7