Dyes and Other Chemical Additives


Dyes and Other Chemical Additives

The Breakdown

• Many Americans are exposed to untested combinations of food dyes, chemicals, additives, and preservatives on a daily basis.

• The Daily Beast reports that, “Of the roughly 5,000 substances that can be directly added to food, the FDA has no knowledge whatsoever of an estimated 1,000 of them. And more disturbingly, fewer than half of those 4,000 substances known to the FDA have ever gone through the sort of testing you might hope something you’re feeding yourself and your kids would be subjected to, namely toxicology tests on mice or rats. On top of that, a scant few additives have been tested according to the way they’re actually consumed—that is, in combination with a multitude of other additives.” (03.01.2013)

Our Position

• While an important concern, dyes and chemical additives are outside the scope of Stop’s mission as they do not pertain to microbial contamination.

• Stop Foodborne Illness strives for safe food for all and should overwhelming scientific evidence be available that a dye or chemical additive is not safe, Stop will support efforts for its removal from the food supply, but not initiate them.

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