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Stop Foodborne Illness was born out of individuals demanding that there be food safety policy reform to protect consumers. 

As such, we continue in our founders’ tradition of advocating for safer food, increased transparency and better communication to consumers.   

Our story includes: 


  • Working with USDA/FSIS to usher in the landmark rule, Pathogen Reduction/HACCP Systems in 1996.
    The rule focuses on the prevention and reduction of microbial pathogens on raw products that can cause illness. 
    This was the overhaul of meat inspection since 1906. 
  • Mandatory consumer health warning labels for unpasteurized juices. 
  • The introduction of microbial testing (and zero tolerance for) pathogens in school lunch meat.  
  • Required pasteurization for all bulk juices.  
  • Support and engagement for the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act signed into law by
    President Barack Obama in January 2011.  
  • In 2014, STOP constituents collaborated with prosecutors in the Peanut Corporation of America trial which ended with a conviction and 28-year prison sentence for a CEO who knowingly produced and shipped contaminated peanut products. 
  • Throughout 2018 we reminded the FDA that consumers cannot afford to wait for leafy greens to be safe from contamination.   

Today, we have returned to our roots as we collaborate with other public health organizations to advocate for the modernization of the outdated and unenforceable FSIS performance guidelines pertaining to Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry.