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Do you have a food safety question?

ask a scientist

with Nidhi Joshi

You want answers?

(click below to see Questions and Answers)

Ready to Eat

Foods that are already prepared and do not require further cooking before consumption like bread, cereal, chips, crackers, nut mixes, and canned goods like tuna or tomato sauce.

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Including red meat (beef, pork, and lamb), poultry (chicken, turkey, duck, etc.) and seafood (freshwater and seawater) including crustaceans.            

Produce: Frozen & Fresh

Fruits like apples, citrus, tropical, berries, and melons. Veggies like leafy greens and sprouts, cruciferous, marrow, root, stems, herbs, mushrooms, nuts.

Dairy & Eggs

Such as liquid eggs, frozen eggs, dried and powdered egg and egg products, and milk, yogurt, kefir, eggnog, hard and soft cheeses, cream, butter,
ice cream.                                                                

unpasteurized raw
Unpasteurized / Raw

Like cider, fruit juices, honey, eggs and milk & milk products - foods that are not cooked or pasteurized.

preparation & cooking

Such as peeling, chopping, cutting, washing & any process that involves applying heat. Also storage.

cleaning & handling
cleaning & handling

At the store or the market, as well as washing, sanitizing and disinfecting spaces and utensils.

Water & Beverages

Such as juices, alcoholic beverages, teas, coffee, nut milks and other non-dairy beverages.


Buddies Recommending Me

Nidhi's Ask a Scientist brings me back to the days of my childhood, watching Bill Nye The Science Guy. Her knowledge of Food Science and related topics are a great resource for anyone who has a food/science question. 10/10 recommend!!
Jaime Ragos
They say everything in Texas is bigger. I don't know if that's true or not, but I do know that this native Texan, Nidhi Joshi's, got a big heart and a big brain and there's no slack in her rope.
And you can hang your hat on that!
Larry Rawls