At the emergency room, the doctors said, "He has E. coli!"

A Bad Hamburger

By Joey (age 9)

In May 2007 a boy named Joey just got out of school for the summer. But one night Joey was making hamburgers and he ate one and started to feel sick. So, Joey’s parents took him to the emergency room. At the emergency room, the doctors said, “He has E. coli!!”

The next day, I had surgery to put a tube in my stomach for dialysis. My kidneys had failed. It took three weeks for my kidneys to get better.

I got better at a second hospital after I wasn’t getting better at the first hospital. I had to go in an ambulance to the second hospital. After I felt better, I got my tube out and got to go home on June 22, 2007. I still have to go back to the doctors to get my kidneys checked.

After I was home I laid in bed for a couple of days and all sorts of people were giving me cards and toys. But one day my mom told me to get up, so we went to the mall and shopped and came back.

Then finally school started and I felt better.

A Near-Fatal Foodborne Illness Got the Lent Family Focused on Slowing Down to Enjoy Life Together

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