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Peer to Peer Mentoring

We often hear that visiting with others who have already been victims of foodborne illness is the #1 source of support and information for anyone currently struggling with the same kinds of challenges. Oftentimes, due to that experience, our Constituent-Mentors are able to more quickly give an idea, or make a suggestion regarding important medical, diagnostic, and treatment information. Knowing what kind of questions one needs to ask their medical professional goes a long way toward finding answers and reducing stress. Constituent-Mentors are able to give tips on such things as how to cope with physical pain and challenges, how to speak with family and friends about your illness, and the long term consequences to watch out for. They “get” where you’re coming from and can offer a listening ear, and so much more.

Peer to Peer Mentoring will take someone (or their family member) who is currently dealing with a foodborne illness and match them up with someone who’s already been through that difficult experience. Though our mentors are not professionally trained, and should not take the place of knowledgeable medical, legal, or mental health professionals, they do consist of individuals whose lives have been seriously impacted by foodborne illness. They know that having an experienced friend in one’s corner can be a good source of comfort and assurance.

When we connect you to a Constituent-Mentor, we let the two of you determine the type of relationship  – emotional support,  a place for gaining information and insight, two friends sharing their experiences together, etc.

This service is completely free of charge.

For more information: | Stanley Rutledge, Community Coordinator | 773-269-6555 x7

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