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Guiding desired behaviors

Recognizing and rewarding the right behaviors

a sense of responsibility and understanding roles

a sense of responsibility and understanding roles

The use of rewards and recognition can help individuals and teams develop a sense of personal responsibility and understand their role in maintaining your company’s food safety standards.

A strong sense of personal responsibility can encourage employees to demonstrate positive food safety actions. These rewards can also assist leadership with developing and enforcing desired food safety behaviors across the entire company.

It’s not just about prizes, it’s about recognizing the right behaviors.

a sense of responsibility and understanding roles

Some of the Rewards and Recognition Resources We Have Found Most Useful to Cultivate a Mature and Positive Food Safety Culture:

  • Program Design
    • What behaviors are you wishing to reward?
    • Individual achievements, team achievements, or both?
    • Consider leveraging the observations from the self-reflection to assist in defining the Reward and Recognition expectations.
    • Name your program.
      • Do you leverage that name on T-shirts, jackets, or other gifts?
    • Celebrate the culture program, at least annually, through a Food Safety Day or Week
    • Most importantly, take into account the regional and cultural norms when designing your rewards and recognition program. Think about your audience.

  • For Example: from the self-reflections it might be observed that the greatest challenges to culture are a lack of teamwork and communications.
    The program could be designed to include encouraging teams to submit ideas to a reward program for review and recognition.
  • Some Ideas, However, Based on Cultural Norms, May or May Not Apply to Your Organization and Staff:
    • A dedicated parking space close to the entrance
    • Breakfast or lunch with hourly and upper management
    • Shout outs during team meetings
    • Culture wall of fame
    • Plaques, trophies, and certificates

    Food Safety Culture is the shared norms and beliefs in, across, and throughout your entire company.