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Define and Exemplify

Continually foster,
support + strengthen
food safety culture

a practice modeled across the entire company

a practice modeled across the entire company

Once you have reflected on which food safety practices, ways of working, leadership, and behaviors needed to be upheld in your company, these items should be incorporated into a plan or policy that can be implemented by a guiding coalition, for example, a food safety culture team. 

While the creation of a coalition or food safety culture team is important to guide food safety ways of working, this team cannot be solely responsible for changing your company’s food safety culture. Analyzing and communicating what a mature and positive food safety culture looks like for your company should be a continuous practice that is modeled by everyone. This may include messaging in break rooms or communication from leadership so that individuals understand how their role fits into the broader food safety culture.

A mature and strong coalition or food safety culture team, in partnership with everybody else, can help define and exemplify behaviors that meet the company's objectives to improve food safety culture.

a practice modeled across the entire organization

Some Tactics, Ideas and Resources to Foster, Support and Strengthen Your Food Safety Culture:

Create a Guiding Coalition/Food Safety Culture Team Across the Organization

Create and Implement an Engagement and Communications Plan

  • How will you make this the new normal?
  • How will you continually update policies and plans?

Review Food Safety and Management System Looking for Food Safety Behaviors and Drivers of Food Safety Behaviors

  • What is a behavior?
  • What is a reaction to a behavior?
  • What are you going to reward?

Leverage Existing

  • Bulletin boards
  • Town halls
  • Internal newsletters
  • Make culture a topic of standing meetings
  • Identify existing processes where you can embed food safety topics
  • Opportunities for senior leaders to communicate food safety topics

a practice modeled across the entire organization

Employ Education and Training Translated into Learning and Behavior Change

Decide What a Good Training Program Looks Like to You

  • Kirkpatrick’s Learning Pyramid
  • Create an evaluation strategy for own and external pieces

→ Ask yourself: If you buy a program off the shelf, what does it need to contain?

  • Does it include the “WHY” of food safety?
  • Does it contain “HEART” tools or only “HEAD” tools?

Online modules

In-person trainings during breaks

Videos or testimonials