I was real scared when I had to go to the hospital...

My name is Scott. 1995 would of been a fun year for me. I would of been 5 years old on April 2nd. I would have started school and rode the bus with my big sister Laurie, but I died when I was 3. I ate a hamburger that had a bad bug in it called E. coli¬†O157:H7 and I got real sick. I was real scared when I had to go to the hospital. I tried so hard to be a big boy and not mess my pants but I couldn’t help it. Mommy had to put diapers on me again. The doctors and nurses kept poking me with needles and putting things up my nose and down my throat. I tried to tell Mommy, “Please hug me” but she couldn’t understand me very well. I couldn’t open my mouth cuz I hurt so bad. I had to ride in an ambulance to another hospital. They had lots of big machines there. I don’t remember much because I went to sleep and never woke up.

Mommy comes to visit me every week at the cemetery. She cries when she talks to me. She says she understands why I couldn’t stay with her any more and that I am now an angel in heaven. I have lots of friends here that died just like I did. There is Alex, Michael, Katie, Lauren, Lois, Riley, Draak, Mrs. Roth, Kevin, Mrs. Metz and many, many more. Mom says if I would of stayed with her I would have to take shots everyday. I wouldn’t be able to go to school because my brain wouldn’t work right I would probably have to have lots of operations. Mom says she loves me, and I know she does. She never forgets my birthday or any holidays. For Christmas she brings me a Christmas tree with battery-operated lights. I can see it from heaven. It’s real pretty.

I don’t hurt anymore from being sick, but I do hurt every time I look down and see my mom crying when another person dies from E. coli. Won’t you please do something too make the hurt go away??

That is the message my son would relay to you if he could. Those of us who have fought so hard are tired. We have suffered so much. We would like to try and get on with our lives and try to reach some sense of normalcy. But we are dedicated to this cause and will continue to fight for a long as it takes to get new reforms to protect the American consumers.

— Testimony of Janis, Scott’s mom


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