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In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 3000 people die from foodborne illness annually.
Since 1994, Stop Foodborne Illness (STOP) has been working toward solutions and collaborating with like-minded partners to build bridges and find answers that will protect everyone. It is a matter of life and death!
Everything we do, we do to STOP 3000 people from losing their lives from something as fundamental as eating. STOP, along with industry, regulatory agencies, and consumers are focused on changing behavior and processes to improve food safety for the greater good.
Step up with us to STOP3000 and begin changing lives.

Help us give 3000 silenced voices an opportunity to be heard.


September is National Food Safety Education Month

Get Involved in National Food Safety Education Month!

September is a great month for brushing up on your food safety skills, quizzing friends and family, and taking charge of your health while the summer sun is still out.

Here are links to some quick facts, flyers, and tools to enhance your food safety education. Some simple tips can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Click below for information on: Safe Cooking and Storage | Free Downloadable Factsheets | Navigating a Foodborne Illness | Articles to Share | Stories of Food Safety Failures | 10 Things to Do | Finding Support


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Do you have a food safety question? Maybe a suggestion for the website? Let us know how we may help you have a great National Food Safety Education Month!

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