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Product: Ice Cream House brand Dairy and Non-Dairy ice cream (parve), sorbet, cakes, and novelty items

If you have questions or concerns, please email us or call 845-445-7644 Monday through Thursday 9-5.

Recalled products include all Ice Cream House branded items currently on the market.





Premium Sorbet 5 Liter / All flavorsparve1 PACKFood Service
Premium Ice Cream 5 Liter SUGAR FREE / All flavorsdairy1 PACKFood Service
Premium Ice Cream 5 Liter / All flavorsdairy / parve1 PACKFood Service
Premium Sorbet Mix 4 gal. All flavorsparve1 PACKFood Service
Trio Log Sorbetparve1 PACK0-91404-15166-5
Trio Log Ice Cream Dairydairy1 PACK0-91404-15137-5
Trio Log Ice Cream Parveparve1 PACK0-91404-15136-8
9” Ice Cream Pie Vanilla / Chocolatedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15428-4
9” Ice Cream Pie Razzledairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15112-2
Premium Sorbet Trifle Mediumparve1 PACK0-91404-15164-1
Premium Sorbet Trifle Smallparve1 PACK0-91404-15165-8
8′ Sorbet Cake Strawberry / Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15429-1
10” Sorbet 4 Layer Cakeparve1 PACK0-91404-15111-5
10′ Heart Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15171-9
10′ Hello Kitty Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15174-0
10″ Round Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15179-5
Mini Heart Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15173-3
Mini Round Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15182-5
Mini Sorbet Cake Blueberry / Limeparve1 PACK0-91404-15219-8
Mini Sorbet Cake Strawberry / Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15132-0
Heaven Layer Vanilla / Strawberry / Mocha / Vanillaparve1 PACK0-91404-15184-9
Tropical Flute / Pre-Cut 12 Slicesparve1 PACK0-91404-15243-3
Adventures Twist / Pre-Cut 12 Slicesparve1 PACK0-91404-15244-0
Mont Blanc D’zert Ice Cream / Pre-Cut 12 Slicesparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15247-1
De’Lighting Frozen Dessert / Pre-Cut 12 Slicesparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15266-2
{P} Cookies & Cream Roll Cakeparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15299-3
{P} Strawberry Shortcake Rollparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15298-0
6′ Heart Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15172-6
6′ Hello Kitty Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15176-4
{P} 6′ Round Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15181-8
6” Razzle Bombdairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15422-2
6″ Sorbet Cake Passion Pomegranateparve1 PACK0-91404-15155-9
8″ Square Vanilla Mocha Strawberryparve1 PACK0-91404-15143-6
8′ Heart Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15309-6
8′ Hello Kitty Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15175-7
8″ Round Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15180-1
8” Razzle Bombdairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15421-5
Check’ice board Ice Cream Pre-Cut 12 Slicesdairy / parve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15144-3
Check’ice board Sorbet Pre-Cut 12 Slices Straw/Mango/Vanparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15144-3
Car Cake largedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15423-9
Car Cake Smalldairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15425-3
10” Sorbet Cake cherryparve1 PACK0-91404-15111-5
Ocean Wavesdairy / parve5 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15300-3
Cream ‘N’ Sorbet Pizzazz Mangoparve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15140-5
Cream ‘N’ Sorbet Pizzazz Strawberryparve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15141-2
French Coffee Ovaldairy / parve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15360-7
Black ‘N’ Whites Vanilla Chocolatedairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15260-0
Sorbet Swirlparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15400-0
Double Fudge Sandwichdairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15240-2
Mini Cigarsdairy / parve10 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15120-7
Cigar Shellsdairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15130-6
Mini Conedairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15220-4
Mini Ice Cream Lolliesdairy / parve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15110-8
Mini Sorbet Lolliesparve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15246-4
Kleina Bitesparve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15148-1
Hearty Tartparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15363-8
Mister Conedairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15430-7
Sushi ‘N’ Creamparve8 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15291-4
Mini Razzle ‘N’ Dazzledairy / parve9 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15409-3
Mini Sorbetparve9 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15408-6
Rosebudsparve5 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15185-6
Mini Chocolate Sorbet Tartsparve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15411-6
Strawberry Himalayaparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15135-1
Peanut Butter Coreparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15134-4
Trimocha Vanilladairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15229-7
Triangle Up Strawberry Mango Vanillaparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15308-9
Blossoming Daisiesparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15154-2
Viennese Crunch Bitesparve10 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15262-4
Mini Roll Cake Assortedparve8 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15350-8
Cup Cake Partydairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15287-7
Mini Sorbet Popsparve7 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15305-8
Biscoloti Dessert Cupsparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15311-9
Coffee Dessert Cupsparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15313-3
Smores Dessert Cupsparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15312-6
Tiramisu Dessert Cupsparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15314-0
Mini Dippers Ice Creamparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15289-1
Mini Sorbet Dippersparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15303-4
Frubic Scubeparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15301-0
Kremlin’sparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15302-7
Mini Strawberriesparve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15304-1
Frozen Squaresdairy / parve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15338
Dessert on Wheelsdairy / parve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15339-3
Premium Sundae Quart / Chocolate Fudgedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15340-9
Premium Ice Cream Quart / Vanilla Fudgedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15340-9
Premium Ice Cream Quart / Vanilla Razzledairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15161-0
Premium Sorbet Quart / Blueberry Limeparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sorbet Quart / Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sorbet Quart / Strawberryparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sorbet Quart / Strawberry Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sorbet Quart / Trio / Vanilla Strawberry Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sunday Quart / Caramel FudgeDairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15340-9

Regions: US/New York, New Jersey, Ohio

Company: Ice Cream House, Brooklyn, NY