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Reason for Recall: Listeria monocytogenes

Product: ice cream and sherbet products

Brands Recalled: Velvet Ice Cream, Super Dip, Whale of a Pail, Ruggle’s, North Star, Discount Drug Mart, and Buehler’s

Regions: US/Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia

Company: Velvet Ice Cream

Details: Consumers with questions may contact Velvet Ice Cream at 800-589-5000 x237 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Or visit its website at Link Disclaimer.

The products were distributed and sold in supermarkets from on or after March 24, 2021 with the following product codes, which can be found at the bottom or side of the container:

Product CodeItem Description
21104Buehler’s Chocolate Pail
21104Buehler’s Neapolitan Pail
21104Buehler’s Vanilla Pail
21089Discount Drug Mart Chocolate Swirl Pail
21106Discount Drug Mart Neapolitan 56oz
21095Discount Drug Mart Strawberry 56
21091Discount Drug Mart Vanilla 56
21083Discount Drug Mart Vanilla Pail
21096North Star Frog Spit
21097North Star Frog Spit
21098North Star Frog Spit
21099North Star Frog Spit
21089Whale of a Pail Chocolate Fudge Pai
21090Whale of a Pail Cookies n Cream
21104Whale of a Pail Neapolitan
21103Ruggle’s Orange Sherbet Quarts
21104Whale of a Pail Vanilla Chocolate
21089Whale of a Pail Vanilla
Product CodeItem Description
21090Whale of a Pail Vanilla
21090Super Dip Chocolate Pail
21103Super Dip Chocolate Swirl Pail
21083Super Dip Chocolate Swirl Pail
21089Super Dip Chocolate Swirl Pail
21083Super Dip Cookie n Cream Pail
21106Super Dip Neapolitan 56oz
21104Super Dip Neapolitan Pail
21095Super Dip Strawberry 56
21106Super Dip Superfriends 56oz
21091Super Dip Vanilla 56
21083Super Dip Vanilla Pail
21103Super Dip Vanilla Pail
21089Super Dip Vanilla Pail
21090Super Dip Vanilla Pail
21106Super Dip Vanilla/Orange 56oz
21106Velvet erVanilla Lovers Trio 56oz
21091Velvet Banana Cream Pie 56
21088Velvet Birthday Cake 3 gallon
21084Velvet Black Walnut 3 gallon
21099Velvet Blackberry Cobbler 56
21095Velvet Blueberry Cheesecake 56
21095Velvet Buckeye Brownie 56
21091Velvet Buckeye Brownie 56
21095Velvet Buckeye Classic 56
21096Velvet Buckeye Classic Pint
21102Velvet Buckeye Sandwich 12/10pk
21096Velvet Butter Pecan & Cashew Pint
21105Velvet Campfire Smores 56oz
21100Velvet Caramel Pecan 56
21106Velvet Chocolate Pint
21096Velvet Chocolate Pint
21105Velvet Cookie Dough Extreme 56oz
21105Velvet Cookie Dough Extreme 3 gallon
21084Velvet Cookie n Cream 3 gallon
21092Velvet Cookies n Cream Pint
21103Velvet Cotton Candy 3 gallon
21092Velvet Dutch Chocolate 56
21089Velvet Dutch Chocolate 3 gallon
21102Velvet Dutch Chocolate 3 gallon
21099Velvet Elephant Ear 56
21084Velvet Elephant Ear 3 gallon
Product CodeItem Description
21092Velvet Homemade Vanilla 56
21105Velvet Homemade Vanilla 56oz
21100Velvet Kentucky Praline Pecan 56
21085Velvet Lime Sherbet Quart
21103Velvet Lime Sherbet Quarts
21091Velvet Mint Chocolate Chip 56
21102Velvet Mint Chocolate Chip 3 gallon
21091Velvet Moose Tracks 56
21095Velvet Moose Tracks 56
21096Velvet Moose Tracks Pint
21092Velvet Olde Tyme Vanilla 56
21105Velvet Olde Tyme Vanilla 56oz
21102Velvet Olde Tyme Vanilla 3 gallon
21084Velvet Orange Sherbet 3 gallon
21085Velvet Orange Sherbet Quart
21103Velvet Orange Sherbet Quarts
21091Velvet Original Vanilla 56
21084Velvet Original Vanilla 3 gallon
21089Velvet Original Vanilla 3 gallon
21100Velvet Original Vanilla 3 gallon
21102Velvet Original Vanilla 3 gallon
21084Velvet Pineapple Sherbet 3 gallon
21084Velvet Pineapple Sherbet Quart
21085Velvet Pineapple Sherbet Quart
21103Velvet Pineapple Sherbet Quarts
21103Velvet Rainbow Sherbet 3 gallon
21103Velvet Rainbow Sherbet Quarts
21085Velvet Raspberry Sherbet Quart
21084Velvet Sea Salt Caramel Toffee 3 gallon
21099Velvet Summertime Peach 56
21099Velvet Summertime Peach 3 gallon
21084Velvet Summertime Peach 3 gallon
21092Velvet Triple Chocolate Chunk 56
21100Velvet Vanilla Bean 3 gallon
21088Velvet Vanilla Pint
21106Velvet Vanilla Pint
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