Antibiotics in Feed Animals: Delivering Antimicrobial Transparency in Animals Act of 2013 (DATA)


Antibiotics in Feed Animals: Delivering Antimicrobial Transparency in Animals Act of 2013 (DATA)

The Breakdown

Antimicrobial drug is a general term used to refer to a group of drugs including antibiotics, antifungals, antiprotozoals, and antivirals. These drugs are used to treat microbial infections in both humans and animals.

• Under the DATA Act, all drug manufacturers are required to report antimicrobial sales to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in turn, the FDA is required to release a summary of this data to the public.

• The FDA Summary Reports for 2009, 2010, and 2011 reported only the total antimicrobial sales volumes by drug class, aggregated to the national level, without any information on the animal species in which the antibiotics were used or the nature and purpose of their use.

• Standalone summary sales data, without more detail, is insufficient to track geographic and temporal trends in antibiotic resistance.

The Delivering Antimicrobial Transparency in Animals Act of 2013 (DATA) proposes amendments to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) to enhance the reporting requirements pertaining to the use of antimicrobial drugs in feed animals.

Our Position

• In order to effectively control the recent rise in antibiotic resistance, both governmental and non-governmental animal health and infectious disease experts need ongoing access to reliable data, by species, on the scope of antibiotic consumption in animals. This data needs to be in a unit of measure that can be compared across all animal species and localities.

• Stop Foodborne Illness strongly supports the enactment of the DATA Act.

• The FDA must better track and publicly report data that can be used to identify trends in antibiotic resistance, to design appropriate interventions, and to fine tune any antibiotic resistance efforts that have not proved effective.

• As part of the coalition known as Keep Antibiotics Working  (KAW), Stop Foodborne Illness has requested that the Animal Drugs User Fee Act (ADUFA) is enhanced with the DATA Act’s provisions to:

– Require large-scale poultry dealers, swine contractors, and feedlot operators to report information on the amount of antibiotics used in animal species to the FDA. This data must be sorted out by different animal species.

– Require the FDA to include information on the amounts of antibiotics sold in its public summaries. This data must be sorted by different dosage forms (i.e., in feed, in water, or by injection), by different marketing status (i.e., over the counter or prescription), by percentages sold for different approved purposes (i.e., growth promotion, disease prevention, disease control, treatment), or by each food-producing animal species.

– Require the FDA to include information on the quantities of antibiotics sold and distributed by state in its public summaries.

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