Spend a Moment With Amanda

Person of Influence | 2019 Spend a Moment with Amanda Craten What do you remember most about your illness?Thankfully little Noah does not remember his time in the hospital or his surgery. As for the rest of our family, we will never forget the pain and uncertainty we felt when we almost lost him. How […]

Spend a Moment with Ines

Spend a Moment with Ines Alicea Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email What do you remember most about your illness? I remember not feeling heard. I went to about 12 infectious disease doctors and I kept telling them I had fevers and felt like things were biting me under […]

Spend a Moment with Anne Dolhanyk

What do you remember most about your illness? I remember my entire experience very clearly, but my memories are primarily based on my hallucinations. By the time I was checked into the hospital with extreme flu-like symptoms, toxins had already reached my brain, causing double and triple vision, delusion, and sleep deprivation. I didn’t sleep […]

Spend a Moment With<br>Joe Ward

What do you remember most about your illness? What I remember most about my brush with E. coli was the pain, because I have never felt something like that before or since my bout with foodborne illness. I often describe the pain of E. coli as akin to having a boa constrictor wrapped around your […]

Volunteer Voices: with Jeff Almer

What motivates you to get up in front of people and tell your story?  I like to believe that, in some fashion and in some way, it helps at least some of the people in the room see things a little differently. My goal in meeting and speaking with people working in food manufacturing is […]

Volunteer Voices: with Jillian Castro

Q: How were you affected by foodborne illness? A: In 2006, I suffered from E coli and HUS due to the spinach outbreak that infected 199 people in 26 states. An elderly woman from Wisconsin was one of the three confirmed deaths associated with the outbreak. I spent about two and a half weeks’ total […]

Spend a Moment With Melissa and Ruby

What do you remember most about your experience? The thing I remember the most about Ruby’s illness was the fear I was going to lose my daughter. The doctors looked at me with sadness and said, “We gave her antibiotics and we hope they will work.” I was holding her in my arms and she […]

Spend a Moment With Rylee Gustafson

What do you remember about your illness? I can remember the beginning — showing symptoms, and I vaguely remember my recovery. Unfortunately, the only thing I remember before I showed any symptoms was that I picked the bag of spinach. I was grocery shopping with my step-father. I volunteered to choose what my family was […]

Spend a Moment with Mike Ayers

What do you remember about your illness? I was a 46-year-old, self-employed man who’d never really ever been sick. Whether it was aches or more serious pains, I was always able to “tough it out” – I had a wife and 3 kids who depended on me. In August 2006, I became deathly ill. At […]

Spend a Moment with <br>Ken Koehler

What do you remember about your illness? I remember it like it was yesterday. It started as an upset stomach that progressively got worse. Then came the diarrhea, followed a couple hours later by intense vomiting.  I remained curled up on the bathroom floor for the next 36 hours not knowing what was happening to […]