How a Grandmother Handled Her Grief and Frustration with Determination to Change Oregon Law on Behalf of Other Families

We are survivors, my tough family, but no family should be in our shoes. During Labor Day weekend in 2014, news broke about three children in Oregon who’d contracted E. coli O157:H7 during the same period, and in the same area. Multiple causes were investigated, though the source was never conclusively determined. Two of those children survived but one, Serena Profitt, did not. Serena’s grandmother, […]

Meet Patrick Quade, Foodborne Illness Victim and Founder of

Getting food poisoning once is frightening enough. Dealing with it multiple times is scary, disheartening, and downright disturbing. Not to mention physically and emotionally painful. And that’s exactly what happened to Patrick Quade. On three different occasions, he was struck with a foodborne illness. This, in turn, has motivated Patrick to take on the mission […]

Frank Yiannas Talks About Getting to the Path of Food Safety as a Social Norm

As Wal-mart’s Vice President of Food Safety and Health, Frank Yiannas has his finger on the pulse of America’s ever-evolving attitudes about food. He spoke with us this month about touchstones of a food safety culture. Q: How did your diverse career in food safety came about? A: In college, I really enjoyed learning more […]

From the Bakery to the Board: Gina Kramer Talks About Her Career in Food Safety

STOP Foodborne Illness is very happy that Board Member, Gina Kramer took some time out of her busy wedding planning schedule so that we could bring you this special interview. (Best Wishes! btw) Gina tells us how her calling and commitment to helping others develop a long-term food safety culture began, and the journey she’s […]