Foodborne Illness Teacher Resources

Curriculum Materials for History, Civics, or Social Studies
The Jungle An exposé of the meat-packing industry that led to social reform – Sinclair, U. (1906)
Swift and Company’s Visitors’ Reference Book Souvenir (1903) of a visit to the plant in Chicago, IL – Duke University (2000)
The Path to Food Safety An interactive virtual learning activity using primary artifacts from the National Archives
Beans are Bullets U.S. Government posters regarding food and farming from WWI through WWII – Bernat, C. (2010)
How World War II Changed the Way Americans Ate Excerpt from “The Taste of War” – Collingham, L. (2012, April 3)
Food contamination by E. coli bacteria kills three children in Western Washington in January and February 1993 Essay 5687 – Wilma, D. (2004, April 8)
What you eat can kill you if you don’t watch out The Seattle Times: Pacific NW Magazine – O’Hagan, M. (2011, October 29)


20th Century U.S. History: “The Economic and Social Aspects of Food” Northeastern University Virtual Lectures by Darin Detwiler (2014)

At the Turn of the Century: 1900
American Society: Seven Factors Pertaining to the Food Industry
Imperialism’s Role in Shaping the Food Industry
Immigration’s Role in Shaping the Food Industry
>Journalism’s Role in Shaping the Food Industry

Food Industry Changes
World War I to World War II – The First Half of the 20th Century

Cold War Era
National School Lunch Program (NSLP), Lunch Boxes, Cereal Boxes, TV Dinners
Fast Cars and Fast Food – Restaurants, Lunch Counters, and Diners

Since 1993
The Jungle Revisted – New Concerns over Food Safety
20th Century Food: Some Final Thoughts


History of Food Safety in the U.S. 
In three parts by Michelle Jarvie, Michigan State University Extension (2014)

Part I: Historical Foodborne Illness Outbreaks
Part II: History of Food Policy
Part III: Putting It All Together


Education Articles by Dr. Darin Detwiler, LP.D.
USDA Food Safety Postcards – A Father’s Different Take on ‘Wish You Were Here’ Food Quality & Safety Magazine (2014, October)
Do Meat and Poultry Handling Labels Really Convey Safety? Food Quality & Safety Magazine (2014, April)
Educating the Public on Food Safety Guest Commentary: The Science Teacher (National Science Teachers’ Association Magazine)(2004, September 28)
Tragedy Wasn’t Enough The New York Times (1994, January 8)

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