Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Raw Ground Tuna Responsible for Outbreak and Recall (US/CT, IL, IA, LA, MN, ND, NY, WA)

Reason for Recall: Salmonella Newport

Company: Jensen Tuna, Houma, Louisiana
Product: Frozen Ground Tuna

Details: Please contact Jensen Tuna at 985-868-8809 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 3pm, Central time) or email at with questions.

The FDA and regulatory officials in several states traced the source of the raw tuna used by restaurants where ill people ate sushi. The traceback evidence indicated that the restaurants used frozen ground tuna supplied by Jensen Tuna.

In interviews, ill people answered questions about the foods they ate and other exposures in the week before they became sick. Nine (75 percent) of 12 people interviewed reported eating sushi from a restaurant or grocery store. This proportion was significantly higher than results from a survey of healthy people in which 5 percent reported eating sushi, sashimi, or ceviche made with raw fish or shellfish in the week before they were interviewed. Of the nine people with information about their sushi exposure, nine (100 percent) reported eating a sushi item containing raw tuna or raw “spicy tuna.”

Regions: US/Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Washington


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